About me

Welcome! My name is Baptiste and I live with my family in Glattpark, Opfikon. A few years ago I decided to start as a part-time photographer and set-up Fotoglattpark.

How do you capture light and raw emotion? What story does a picture tell? When should you break the rules of composition? These are the questions I try to answer each time I trigger the camera.

Why choose me? Because I'm fun, uncomplicated and passionate about creating unique photos for you. I can think fast and improvise as the situation requires, and I know my way around various technologies (drones, Photoshop, timelapse) to create even stronger more creative effects.

Enough said, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I hope you'll contact me, else enjoy looking around. Cheers!


Portrait or couple photoshoot

How long: 1 hour

Where: Glattpark

What: at least 10 portraits that capture different facets of your personality. These portraits are special presents to your friends and family (think of how happy your mother would be), or for a professional presentation on LinkedIn. We can do a mix of indoor and outdoor shots, serious and casual, extravagant and sober. You receive all images digitally, I'll host them for free for at least 2 years and I'll develop physical prints for 4 of the best images.

Price: 250 CHF


Family or group photoshoot

How long: about 2 hours

Where: Glattpark or Zurich

What: at least 50 memories of your landmark event: an engagement, a child's birthday celebration, an end-of-year office party, or simply a family photoshoot as a fantastic present to the grand-parents. If you want some extravagant memories, we can have fun with Photoshop (do you want to levitate?) You receive all images digitally, I'll host them for free for at least 2 years and I'll develop prints for 10 of the best images. For a supplement, I can stay extra hours or organize a photo-book.

Price: 600 CHF



How long: the whole day

Where: most of Switzerland

What: at least 500 photos that will become timeless cherished memories of your wedding. Together we'll discuss the photographic style you prefer, the ceremony timeline and how you want me to blend in. I'll scout the location, come early and stay until 2AM. You receive all images digitally and I'll prepare 2 digital albums for you, one with the best 100-120 photos (great for sharing with your guests) and the other album containing all the photos. I'll host the albums for free for at least 2 years and, for a supplement, I'll be there at your civil ceremony or create a photo-book... and I really recommend you get a photo-book.

Price: 4'000 CHF (incl. 1'000 CHF reservation deposit)


Team building

How long: half-day

Where: Glattpark or your office premises

What: if you want to build a strong team spirit while learning about photography in a casual environment, then this is for you. Participants should bring their camera (or smartphone) and we'll spend several hours indoors and outdoors, practicing powerful photography concepts along with interesting team-building challenges. Works best for 6-10 people.

Price: 250 CHF per person


Contact me

You can reach me by email here: fotoglattpark@gmail.com

You can reach me by phone here: +41 78 620 19 92

Please describe to me which service you are interested in and if you have special requests. Fotoglattpark is a part-time business, so please only show up to the home studio if you've contacted me and we've made an appointment.

I check my emails and phone multiple times a day so you will soon receive a response. Looking forward :)